Hi guys it’s been a while

I haven’t been on this account much recently because I’ve been so busy with college work, but I don’t want to delete this account so I thought why not get a co-owner?

so if anyone would be interested in co-owning this account with me please message me it would be a lot of help


ok so we’ve just found out the Sonni’s baby is Jeremy’s and he now has a little girl now don’t get me wrong, I bet she’s the most beautiful little girl ever ¬†and he’s going to be an incredible father but I’m just a little pissed off that we had to wait till now to find out that she IS Jeremy’s baby, I know we all knew anyway but we didn’t find out that Sonni was pregnant till the pregnancy was almost over, and as a fan of Jeremy’s I thought it would have at least been nice to have been told he as expecting a baby, now I know he likes to keep his private life private but still it’s a baby, that’s completely different then just a girlfriend and I thought he would have wanted his fans to know, I’m also a little shocked that they weren’t even in a serious relationship when she got pregnant, I always expected Jeremy to have settled down and gotten married before having kids. I know at least 1 person will probably tell me I’m a bad fan or something but this is just my opinion so say what you like. rant over.